This isn’t about food… But it’s about life, expectations, beliefs, community, communication and, ultimately, love… And I can get behind the message here. With love, Michelle xoxo

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Have you ever spent an evening with fifteen other women that was filled with only positive energy? Where there was no gossip, no cattiness, no bullshit, no sneers from across the room, no whispering behind someone else’s back, etc?

Yeah, me neither.

Until Friday, February 8th.

The evening started with the majority of these women never having met. There were shy introductions, nervous small talk while everyone got comfortable and cozy. Drinks of choice helped to calm some initial nerves. And then it began – the discussing, revealing, crying, sharing, hugging, affirming, LOVING. And, of course, the photographing, as you can see…but that felt like a side note in the whole scheme of things.

Why were we doing this? Let me give you a brief description of why.

You’ve probably seen the movie “Mean Girls”, and I’m sure you related to at least SOMEthing in it, whether you…

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