What’s this “Persnickety Eater” business all about?

I am a particularly picky eater.  I have been since I was a child.

As I grew up, I found that the world was none too kind to the picky-eating adult – no more so than it was to a picky-eating child.  I also learned that we all have our own idiosyncrasies and preferences…  And that we aren’t always terribly respectful of each other’s choices.

The kind ministrations of the man who later became my loving husband finally broke some of the bonds of my youth and expanded my diet to include a variety of foods that even now sometimes surprises me (and him, too!).

Yet, I would argue, I proudly remain a PICKY EATER.

Persnickety, picky, particular, finicky, choosy – whatever synonym the thesaurus offers, it’s still accurate. For all the foods I have incorporated, I have also turned my back on many others.

This site contains my story – a continuing journey toward conscious, healthful eating habits as a persnickety eater.

The entries gathered here represent my thoughts, experiences and suggestions for a healthy life. I am NOT a licensed professional, nor should any of my opinions be misconstrued as medical advice, especially if they contradict your healthcare provider’s recommendations.

This is not your average food blog, full of prosaic, bland and pedantic advice on eating. Turn back now if you want to hear the “same ol’, same ol’”. Each of us picks our own path – here is where ours collides. My only hope is that you take away something that enriches your life – and your health – in a meaningful way.

My Guiding Principles

A variety of philosophies, methodologies and approaches inform my eating choices.  I advocate eating natural (i.e. non-GMO, minimally processed), whole foods.  I endeavor to eat food from local, organic sources that use sustainable growing practices as often as possible.  I make a significant effort to prepare much of my family’s food from scratch.  Even with a busy schedule, it is something that is very important to me.

I do not follow a strictly low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar or low-carbohydrate diet.  I am an omnivore with a penchant for vegetarian, vegan and raw whole foods. Viewing foods as nothing more than their constituent parts runs contrary to my thinking – a carrot is far more than just beta carotene and fiber!

With all the information “out there,” it’s often difficult to find reliable sources.  In the event that I am overwhelmed, I usually turn to either friends or good old gut instinct.  Or just go take a nap!

What’s the best recommendation I have for anyone starting down the long and winding path toward healthier eating?  Relax.  You’ll find your way and when you do, you’ll know it.  Trust in yourself to make the changes that will make the biggest impact in your own life, whether or not they are the same choices others would push on you.

A Snippet of My Story

The story of my humble beginning starts when I was born to U.S. Army parents.  (My mom really did wear combat boots and I waited my whole childhood for someone to use that insult on me so I could smugly say, “Yup!”… No one ever did, sniff, sniff.)

I moved around a lot after my parents divorced when I was very young.  Honestly, that’s probably the best gift (other than the gift of life) they’ve ever given me.  My family grew exponentially when my father remarried shortly thereafter.  In our fantastic family gatherings of 75+ people, I was well-cared for, but not “spoiled”.  The dichotomy between those experiences and earlier ones manifested in my eating habits as a stubborn refusal to try new foods for most of my childhood and young adult life. Not until I was in my mid-20’s did I start experimenting… And so opened a whole new, albeit challenging, world for myself.

I am endlessly grateful for having been blessed with that twofold existence.  I am both an only child and the oldest of four siblings.  I have three loving parents.  I have lived in the far North, the deep South and out West.  My travels have taken me as far as New Zealand and the Czech Republic, all out of happy coincidence rather than any sort of planning on my part.

All these events have profoundly influenced my worldview. And, of course, they have molded my personal choices significantly.

Which brings me here. My journey is well begun, but far from over. Thanks for joining me and bright blessings to our future!