Houston, we have a problem.

No kidding! Where’s that post I made about the delicious cashew dip? There was one, wasn’t there?!? Hang on a tick!

Upon further review… No, there wasn’t.

And here I was telling my friends during my Pampered Chef party last weekend, “Oh yeah, that’s on my blog!” Hopefully I was talking about my Quinoa Burgers, which ARE here.

This is what happens when you post stuff on Facebook and different stuff on Pinterest and other stuff here or there… No, I won’t even waste your time on links. There’s a post in my drafts queue about a meal I made, like, almost a dang month ago. And there’s this cashew dip – baked and warm and so delicious that I can’t seem to NOT eat it all before I share it so no one else can actually verify its greatness. Shame, that.

Fear not, more posts will be emerging from my brain soon thanks to some writing kickstarting I’m doing / will be doing over the coming weeks. Until then, what kinds of recipes do you like that you haven’t tackled before and want some ideas about? What successes have you had in your kitchens? What not-so-much recipes have you struggled with?

Fair game here – I’d love to hear whatever you’d care to share!