What's in this little dish?


A small post about a small meal for a very small, little person. Sometimes it’s easy to take forgranted that these little people in our lives (alternately known as children, kids, offspring, monsters munchkins or wee bebes) get good nutrition when they’re good eaters like my two-year-old is. He loves him some ‘nanas, grapes (a.k.a. “Ball, ball!”), pears, pineapple, melon, tomatoes, sweet potato, rice, beans and pepitas. He’s not so keen on meat, which doesn’t bother me in the least… most of the time.

Occasionally, though, I’ll be trying to cobble together a small meal for said small fellow and what do I have on hand? Some leftover grass-fed ground beef crumbles from Friday night’s dinner. The Dad, The Big Brother and The Mom all had some in their quesadillas (wheat tortillas, thank you) but that’s a meal the little one just doesn’t care for in the least. Enter steamed sushi rice. Okay, so now I have something to mix the meat into but that seems kind of… dull.

What else, what else? Ah! Extra virgin coconut oil (which, I find when I extract it from the pantry, is already liquified due to ridiculously warm Spring days in Georgia and therefore perfect for drizzling). Good, that’s good for its health and sensory benefits. Oh! And hempseed because what CAN’T you sprinkle hempseed on?!? One more thing, I think… Cashews! We are blessedly free of nut allergies (Yay!) so this adds a brilliant, softish crunch.

It only required a little time, a little thought, some little additions but the result is a mindful dish fit for my lil’ bit!