Oh, that there were always a photograph to display! Confession: I have no image to share because I was wrangling a squidgy toddler into a highchair, cleaning up after a muddy First-grader, letting the bossy cat out of the house, letting same cat back into the house… You get, or rather DON’T get, the picture.

This juice recipe came about through the “on-hand” rule: these were the ingredients I happened to have on-hand when I got an itch to use my Juiceman Juicer.

1 Organic Kiwi
3 Organic Pears (I used standard green ones… forgot to look at the name)
2 Organic Pink Lady Apples
2-inch piece of fresh Ginger root, peeled (or more to taste)

I juiced the first three ingredients together, kiwi first since it’s softer than the rest. Make sure you change your juicer speed for the harder fruits (because SOMEONE totally forgot to do that this evening and large chunks of juicy pear and apple flung themselves headlong into the pulp bin). Pour that into another container then juice the ginger. Add it to the mix a little at a time, testing as you go. It’s P-O-T-E-N-T and can make your drink downright spicy if you’re not careful.

Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for up to 24 hours (though, if you’re like me, there’s no way it’ll last that long).

Update: A co-worker recommended adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice to the mix and I thought that sounded brilliant! (Now to hunt up a lime…)