It's a mystery!

While I enjoyed the show once upon a time, this post is unrelated. In point of fact, you probably couldn’t have paid me enough to attempt some of their culinary challenges.

Actually, I am notoriously suspicious of foods. Ask my husband – I sniff everything (especially if he tells me to try it). When I encounter new foods that seem appealing for the benefits they tout, I have been known to purchase some then just let it “be” in my kitchen until it expires. This has happened with silken tofu, tempeh, various sprouts, coconut oil, hemp seed butter, miso paste, red lentils, raw milk cheese… The list is long and, looking back, quite unfortunate.

However, this is, for me, the best way to rid new food of its “fear factor”. It’s probable that I might also be comfortable trying new foods from someone else’s kitchen, assuming I trusted them. Restaurants? Meh, sometimes. Again, I would probably rely on the trust I had of the person who took me to the restaurant.

As you can probably guess from the list above, I do have some comfort level with foods outside the American Standard Diet, but there are still many edible delights I’ve never tried. What’s next for me? Well, I still haven’t conquered my fear of miso paste – maybe that’d be a good one! And it’s a good guess that it WON’T be a sea critter, but that’s another post altogether!