I don’t really know what’s kept me away so long (again), but I thought I’d make my return a fun one.  I also don’t know whether my parents were picky eaters as children (I’ve never heard tell one way or the other).  I do know that I’ve spawned an offspring who is (if possible) even pickier than I was as a child.

The foods he likes, he really loves, which I suppose is alright since he tends to like foods that are basically healthy.  We don’t gravitate toward fast food all that often and when we do make a detour through one, he generally pipes up with, “But Mommy, this is GARBAGE!”  (Which is what we call it most of the time.)

So it amuses me when he seems to be drawing real pleasure from his food.  As example, I’d like to present to the world Cheesehenge:

Cheese Stonehenge