Though life and work have tied me up a bit longer than I anticipated, I am back and thank you all for your patience.  My passion for good, quality, healthful food never flagged, my fingers just haven’t been too near my keyboard as of late.

This morning my impetus to write came from a posting a friend made to a Yahoo group to which I belong (thanks K.).  The subject was gas-packed and injected “fresh” meats.  I fear I’ve been guilty of purchasing these kinds too often, but that posting actually lead me to a greater (and more pleasant) discovery:

Now that I am better prepared to avoid unpleasantness in my meats, I am once again on a search to find sources of quality foodstuffs. contains listings of Online stores, Farms, CSAs, Farmer’s Markets, Restaurants and Grocers, as well as others sustainable product manufacturers.  (Please check out their listings of yarn distributors if you like knitting, crocheting or other similar crafts – Yummy!)

Surprising, at least to me, was the listing I found to a restaurant in Gainesville, GA, where I went to high school.  The Longstreet Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that serves local, in-season produce and uses many whole foods rather than pre-cooked/frozen foods.  I’ve never been there, but was pleased to find it listed there.  May have to take a field trip up there before too long!

I guess that little search just reminded me that anything important takes time and extra effort.  It’s such an obvious thing that it’s sometimes hard to remember.  Or practice.  In closing, I wish you much health in shopping, consuming and (most of all) LIVING!