Here’s how the psychology of certain fads seep unwittingly into your conciousness…

I was sitting at my parents’ breakfast table while on vacation watching my sister eat a grapefruit.  My first thought was, “Sugar is BAD!”

My second thought was, “Eeek!  Since when did I start viewing fruit as nothing more than a single one of its components?!?!”

The reduction of an entire, nutritious, natural whole food down to its constituent parts is an unfortunate trend that is currently earning advertisers some big bucks.  In that way, they can put a patent on a product, charge more for it, and make a larger profit.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against folks earning money, especially if they’ve put effort into developing something unique to benefit other folks.  But misleading advertising, especially when it deliberately rides the coattails of a current market trend (like low-carb dieting in the case of sugar), I take umbrage with it.

Back to the “sugar” portion of my discourse…  I ran a mental scan of my diet and, to my chagrin, realized that I myself eat very few fruits.  Strawberries and grapes sometimes.  Blueberries when they are in season and cheaper.  Organic apples on occasion.  Until that realization, I had been unaware that I had been using a FRUIT = SUGAR filter to stay away from a potential-rich part of my diet.  I was depriving myself of important nutrients in their most beneficial form.

It was a paradigm shift that happened so subtly, I really hadn’t noticed I was doing it at all.  Now, I’m happy to say, I do make the effort to eat whole, fresh fruits.  My kitchen holds strawberries, grapes, mangoes and oranges this very moment.

Now if only I could convince my two-year-old to join the party, then I’d be getting somewhere!