You’d think this one would be a gimmie, right?

Fruit – That’s good for you.  Juice – Also good (if not as good as the whole fruit).  100% – That’s, well, everything, the whole shebang.  So what’s really going on here – and why am I ranting?

Well, if you take a look at the labels for “100% Fruit Juice” you’ll see that many of them list blends of fruit juice concentrates with “water sufficient to reconstitute”.  This sort of monkeyed-with, sneaky marketing technique is what has me so up in arms.  Basically, the product manufacturers have broken down the whole juice to its fructose components then added water… Not so different than what Kool-Aid is made from: sugar(s) and water with a little coloring.

Now, juices labeled “Not from Concentrate” that still retain some pulp and have no added sugars are your best option.  Or invest in a juicer and create your own concoctions.  Not only will they be healthier, you can play Mad Scientist with your food!