While some situations require an immediate reversal of paradigm, many of us who try to drastically alter our world end up circling right back around to the beginning.  That often leaves us feeling disappointed, depressed or angry.  This is common in the world of “dieting” – the ubiquitous yo-yo cycle that jerks us up then throws us down.

What I have found works better for me is to take baby steps – learning a little at a time, incorporating the things I’ve learned, dropping those things that do not work for me, then moving on to something new.  Because I was an inept cook and knew very little about nutrition when I started my journey, here are three of the first ungainly steps I took…

Organic Baby Carrots – I used to like to eat raw conventional carrots, but they often made my mouth itch.  It sometimes helped to peel them, though it is time consuming and I know (now) that it strips vital nutrients away.  Pre-washed, organic baby carrots solved this problem for me.  And since crudities digest better with a small amount of fat, I like to eat them with organic, natural peanut butter or with a small portion of sour cream and onion dip.  Please don’t cringe if it’s not for you – Just eat the carrots plain if you prefer.

Real Butter – As the objectionable traits of trans fatty acids began surfacing, I made the switch back to real butter.  Salted butter is my preference (over unsalted) and I, predictably, purchase organic brands.  Quantity is where I err on the side of caution – I rarely use more than one serving a day.

Cheese – Here I surprised even myself and made one of those drastic changes…  It didn’t stick.  I removed ALL cheese from my diet for several months and lost a considerable amount of weight without making any other dietary or exercise adjustments.  While I would NOT recommend this (you won’t see the Eliminate the Cheese book out anytime soon), I believe it worked primarily because I was eating a large quantity of cheese in proportion to my total food intake.  I literally ate cheese breakfast, lunch and dinner – often multiple servings per meal.  Cheese is yummy – and hard for me to resist.  Now it makes up only a small portion of my daily intake… usually.